Home Workout Guide 2.0

Stay in shape at home and get your pulse up with my newest home workout guide! For this guide, you will not be needing any gym equipment, you will work solely with your body weight! Fast & effective workouts are the name of the game.

The guide is split into 4 workouts a week. 3 of the sessions are working with a variety of strength and explosive bodyweight exercises and movements. The last session is an abs focused workout, which is a real challenge!

Each workout will take around 30 minutes to do. Every workout is built as a circuit, you will be performing each exercise right after the other with just a small amount of rest. You will be doing this for x amount of rounds each workout session!

Example of exercises that will be performed in the guide: Burpees, chair step-ups, jumping lunges, bicycle crunches, one leg glute bridges, chest decline push-ups

No PDF included for this guide. You will get access to everything you need and more in the AFLETE app.

Price: GBP 22.00 / EUR 25.00 / USD 30.00

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