Get Started: Beginner Guide

“Get Started” is the guide for you with little to none experience in the gym. It is also suitable if you had a long break from the gym and want to get back on track. The main goal with the guide: Build overall strength and get started with your training!

The guide is split up into 3 workouts a week: One lower body day, one pull day (back and biceps) and one push day (chest, shoulders & triceps).

During the first 4 weeks, you will be doing a mix of machine and free weight exercises. For the 4 last weeks, the workouts will be mixed up and you will be challenged by a bit more advanced exercises. You will have small notes for every exercise which will explain how to perform the exercise in the correct way.

  • 8 weeks guide
  • 3-day split
  • 2 different workout blocks
  • 6 different workouts in total
  • Focus on overall strength and getting on track
  • Can be re-used, no time limit
  • No cardio
  • Need gym access

Price: GBP 26.00 / EUR 30.00 / USD 35.00

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Workout Tracking
Detailed Exercises

Includes videos for exercises