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You can find all my guides here, and more, on my brand new app OWNU.

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Available In Both 3 Day and 5 Day Splits

Get Strong, Stay Sassy

The main goal of the Get Strong, Stay Sassy guide is building strength, muscle mass & volume.

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Stay lean and build muscle mass.

Fitness Guides

Summer Shred Guide

Get in shape for summer! Follow my exact workout schedule.

Home Workout Guide 2.0

Stay in shape at home - no equipment needed in my new home guide!

Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Train your full body only with dumbbells! Perfect to do at home or in a limited gym.

Pregnancy Workout Guide

Train like me when I was pregnant! 8 weeks guide with 3 workouts a week.

Get Started: Beginner Guide

"Get Started” is the guide for you with little to none experience in the gym.

Get Strong 2.0 - Upper Body Focus

In this guide, you’ll be doing 3 upper body and 2 lower body workouts per week.

Get Lean, Stay Healthy

The Get Lean, Stay Healthy is now available with both a 5 day and 3 day split.

Glute Guide 2.0

The Glute Guide is back - updated with new exercises and workout splits.

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Get Fit With Hanna Oeberg

Train all muscle groups in one week. 4 Week Training Program. 5 Workouts a week.

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Glute Guide

Program that focuses on Booty. 8 Weeks Workout Program. 3 Workouts a week.

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Home Workout Guide

A HOME WORKOUT GUIDE for those who don’t have the time or possibility to go to the gym but still want to keep chasing their goals!

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Kick-start Challenge

Take on the 2-week challenge consisting of my 10 most popular and loved workouts from my YouTube channel.


Includes videos for exercises

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Fitness enthusiast since 2010 - now a full time influencer and inspirer and certified nutrition advisor - I strive to help people reach their goals and live better lives. My philosophy is that food and training can and SHOULD be fun. I hope we can share that mindset and hopefully my guides will help you on your journey. The power of change is in your hands, but my goal is to help you on the way.

Use the hashtag #FitOeberg to show me your progress and also have the chance to be re-posted on this website!

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